Best Things To Do In Washington DC To Witness The Capital City’s True Glory

The enormous museums display everything from American art, history, and culture to its space prowess, while the remarkable array of monuments honours the nation’s political past. The list of things to do in Washington, DC is so extensive and diverse that the experience is bound to amaze and overwhelm you. Get your flight reservations from the Emirates website. 

Best Activities in Washington DC

There are several activities in Washington, D.C. that will enhance the pleasure and happiness of your vacation in the United States. Find out what kind of adventure awaits you there by taking a look.

United States Capitol:

The dome of the Capitol, modelled after St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, is the unmistakable symbol of the United States and should be your first choice among Washington DC attractions. The interiors of the House of Representatives and Senate buildings are adorned with exquisite murals, frescoes, and monuments of notable historical figures. At the visitor centre, there are complimentary tours of the ornate interiors and a fascinating exhibition about the building’s history; book your flight tickets on the Emirates website. Visit the Library of Congress, the largest library in the world with an impressive interior.

Lincoln Memorial: Admire the magnificent splendour

The majestic 19-foot-tall marble statue of Abraham Lincoln gazing at the Reflecting pool at the west end of the National Mall is a site to witness. Spending time observing the magnificent memorial and murals depicting Lincoln’s life is unquestionably one of the best things to do in Washington, D.C. This national monument, surrounded by 36 Doric columns, is renowned not only for its architectural grandeur and attention to detail but also for its historical significance and spectacular city vistas.

National Air & Space Museum: The exhibits will astound you.

The National Air & Space Museum, one of the top institutions in the world, takes you on a voyage through the history of flight and the modern space program. The exhibits of this incredible museum, one of the most popular family activities in Washington, DC, will delight children and adults equally. The museum offers an exhilarating way to spend a few hours with the Wright Brothers’ Flyer 03, an interactive section, and a flight simulation experience. Additionally, the Albert Einstein Planetarium is a must-see.

National Mall: Stroll along the attractive site

Without a stroll along the majestic verdant belt between Capitol Hill and Lincoln Memorial, lined with the nation’s most popular memorials and monuments, no list of things to do in Washington, DC would be complete. Along with the poignant Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall and other war memorials, the enchanted mirror image of the magnificent Washington Monument occupies centre stage. This gorgeous expanse of lawns and pools is ideal for strolling, jogging, or simply unwinding in a beautiful setting. Seeing this monument-studded area suffused in gentle light is also one of the most popular nighttime activities in Washington, DC.

National Zoological Park: Spend a few thrilling hours surrounded by nature

Unquestionably one of the best things to do in Washington DC with children is to take them to this incredible zoo, which is home to over 2,000 animals, birds, and reptiles, including the Giant Pandas, which are the zoo’s main attraction. Hear your children exclaim with pleasure as they observe the friendly pandas, red pandas, and kiwis, as well as the elephant playing the harmonica. Visiting this natural attraction is one of the most recommended things to do in Washington, DC due to its gorgeous landscaping, delightful pathways, and exemplary conservation and care efforts.

Explore the marvellous culture at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Enter a world of fascinating, thrilling, and exceptional exhibits exhibiting every aspect of life on Earth, including extensive sections on human evolution, gemstones, animals, dinosaurs, and more. With its extraordinary collection of natural history specimens and artefacts, this museum must be among your top choices for things to do in downtown Washington, DC. Visit the Hope Diamond, Ocean Hall, Butterfly Room, and the interactive Discovery Room.

United States Botanic Garden: Stroll the tranquil pathways.

This well-kept botanical garden displays exotic flora from around the globe and provides a tranquil green space in the centre of the city. One of the most relaxing things to do in Washington, D.C. is to stroll through the beautiful gardens and admire the many rare and endangered species. The Emirates website can help you book your flight. Also beautiful is the children’s area, where they can plant and irrigate flowers. A visit to the Botanic Garden is both enlightening and invigorating due to the well-classified habitats and descriptions.

Washington National Cathedral: Visit this extraordinary location

This awe-inspiring neo-Gothic architectural achievement will leave you in amazement with its stunning exterior and equally enchanting interior. The meticulously crafted stained-glass windows and numerous distinctive altars contribute to its elegance and beauty. There are complimentary excursions that investigate the hidden treasures within this magnificent structure. The gargoyles and monster tower ascending tour is among the most distinctive activities in Washington, DC. Do not overlook the Darth Vader gargoyle, the beautiful gardens, or the cathedral café.

Explore your James Bond moment at the International Spy Museum.

After seeing all of Washington DC’s touristic landmarks and attractions, a trip to this museum is among the most unique things to do in the city. The museum is a wonderful destination for fans of espionage and thrillers/mysteries due to its interactive exhibits and artefacts. The entire upper floor is devoted to renowned spies, whereas the lower floors feature artefacts and information about James Bond films.

National Gallery of Art: Behold the astounding collection

The National Gallery of Art’s exceptional collection of European and American paintings, sculptures, and artefacts positions it among the top art museums in the world. This phenomenal museum with classical masterpieces and a splendid collection of contemporary art is housed in two structures connected by a tunnel. Visiting this jewel is unquestionably one of the finest things to do in Washington, DC for art enthusiasts. The incredible collections at the sculpture garden and Freer Art Gallery should also not be overlooked. 

During the holiday season, viewing the National Christmas Tree is one of the finest things to do in Washington, D.C., which can be arranged through the Emirates website. When visiting the capital city of the United States, there is no need to ponder what to do in Washington DC because there is so much to discover.

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