Down Under Delights: Must-See Australia Attractions

The world’s tiniest continent and the biggest island, Australia is a visitor’s heaven. You can experience so many things like the quirkiest wildlife and revered stories of the born tribes. Australia is a whole container with its picturesque rain woodlands, coral reefs, red-earthed federal parks, gorgeous coasts, and scorching deserts. Australia Attractions is one of the most wonderful places that you can explore. And if you are coming here then let me suggest one thing. Luxury Escapes is a great brand that you can check so that you can book your place. 

You can desire, have pleasure, and spend a wonderful holiday in this nation. With so many residences to visit in the stunning yet strange Australia, I am here with you today. I am going to suggest some of the places things that you cannot miss while you are in Australia attractions. Another thing is Luxury Escapes which will give you wonderful deals so that you can book your flights and head towards this excellent destination. 

You just need to do one thing and that is come along with me so that you can check the best places that you can visit in Australia and see the best Australia attractions. It is a great place and I recommend you book your flights from Luxury Escapes so that you can experience the best vacation here.  

Best Australia Attractions

From shores to federal parks, galleries, and traveler spots, here are our most satisfactory choices for you to travel around the ground of kangaroos! Ensure you don’t overlook the most reasonable Australian visitor attractions to have unforgettable knowledge. See any or all, if have the moment one subsequent journey to Australia:

Heide Museum of Modern Art

This museum is a great mixture of a trendy art gallery, a historical art gallery, and a roots park. The most useful reason to see this amazing museum is its stunning location; this location is placed on lush farmland. A major element of Australian tourism, and you must visit this place: 

Things to accomplish: Get mesmerized by viewing the yore of Melbourne in Heide, you can even take a stroll around these places in Heide’s vast serene space and explore history.

Entrance Hours: Tuesday to Friday between 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, Saturday to Sunday from 12:00 noon to 5:00 pm

Entrance Fee: INR 1,400

Harbor Bridge

Among the numerous outstanding Australian traveler attractions, the Sydney Harbor Bridge is one of the most amazing places that you can explore. This place rises 134 m above the dock, the bridge is affectionate and is known as “the Coat Hanger”. This engineering phenomenon is also the most extensive steel hook bridge in the globe. You can book your tickets from Luxury Escapes so that you can view this destination. 

Things to accomplish: Hike the bridge with a manual, Appreciate the scintillating from the bridge, if inquisitive in understanding the bridge’s past and its structure, visit the gallery in the southeastern port.

Sydney Opera House

Flanked by the picturesque Harbor Bridge and the lovely Royal Botanic Gardens, the Opera House is one of the numerous widespread Australian visitor magnets. Regarded as an architectural masterwork of the century, this accomplishment by mankind hosts considerable venues developed to remember the photograph of a massive sailing yacht and compares billowing sails or covers. You can book your ticket to come here from Luxury Escapes. 

Things to do: Want a delicious Australian feast at one of the acceptable restaurants, take time off the structure which encloses theaters, exhibition rooms, studios, a show hall, and a cinema.

Great Ocean Road

Discovered in Victoria, the Great Ocean Road is believed to be one of the most picturesque and best-driven streets on earth. Don’t ignore the Twelve Apostles, the stunning buildings of limestone heaps beside the gorgeous turquoise sea. The 243 km passage from Torquay to Allansford can give you a blissful vacation. 

Things to see: Otway National Park, Port Campbell National Park, hiking trails, scenic waterfalls, and picturesque rain forests. If you’re fortuitous enough, you could even sprinkle some of Australia’s favorite wilderness containing kangaroos and emus.

Things to accomplish: You can choose to center at the breathtaking sight, beach marks

Kakadu National Park

This is a wonderful, World Heritage Site, and is the most extensive national garden. Second biggest on the planet, Kakadu is one of the earth’s amazing locations for seeing wildlife and is one of the canopies most stayed Australia visitor locations and you can come with the help of Luxury Escapes. 

Things to watch: Aboriginal rock art, 300 additional species of birds, rivers, magnificent waterfalls, gorges, mangrove swamps as well as a wonderful diversity of wilderness containing saltwater crocodiles, wallabies, and dingoes.

Things to do: Visit the Jim Jim Falls, walk at the Twin Falls and Maguk, follow the crocodile swamps of Yellow Water

Entrance Fee: INR 1,756

Suggestions: Make certain you purchase the credentials beforehand to bypass any nuisance during your journey.

Fraser Island

This Island, just a quick ferry journey from Hervey Bay, is the most extensive sand island on the earth and a massive part of Australia’s sightseeing. It presents one of Australia’s multiple distinctive four-wheel-drive experiences. In reality, it is among the most acceptable establishments to stay in Australia in March. 


These are some of the great places that you can visit in Australia. I was mesmerized to see them and the best part is when you have such a great store to book your flights from  Luxury Escapes where we can save and be another thing that can make us happy. I recommend all my readers to come to this place and book your tickets from  Luxury Escapes.

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