Beauty Basics: The Ultimate Essential Makeup Kit

Makeup is an important aspect of our lives but sometimes it is so confusing! Yes, those multiple brushes and the challenge between the no makeup, and makeup look are puzzling! There are so many things that we need to take care of when we learn the skill of makeup. Yes, you read the right skills! It is a skill that is learned by practice and using the same product as our skin type. So, you need to have a perfect and essential makeup kit for women.

See, there is a lot of confusion but once you are done with the choosing you will be able to get a perfect hand on it. That is why it is important for you to understand one thing and that choosing the right makeup with the best quality. For this, I always prefer LookFantastic, a perfect store with the best quality of products.

Once you are done with the choosing of things then you need to learn what all things you need and how to use them. This is again very important because one wrong step can make you restart the whole process.

That is why we are here so that we can help you gather an essential makeup kit. You just need to locate all the things and add them to your kit. Look, makeup is no rocket science that you need to learn, it is just a simple art that will come with practice. Rest read out the blog so that you can grab the essential makeup kit from LookFantastic.

Basic Essential Makeup Kit

Before you start with the actual techniques of makeup. You need to enter the world of makeup. There are many more things that you need to consider like Primer, cleaner, and moisturizer which you need to apply regularly. This will you to grow your skin and make it clean and even. So, check out what things are important you need to have for a great makeup appearance.  


It is a liquid that supports deep cleansing the extra grime, oil, and makeup. It is most suitable to utilize a cleanser when you are coming from the outside and wearing makeup. Applying cleanser is one of the best techniques to remove the makeup and bring the glow back to the skin. The best way to apply it is to move your hand in circular motion, all over the face. It will help you to take out all the dirt and impurities.


A toner’s job is to assist in moisturizing and handling the skin’s dampness content. It even helps in creating the skin soak the moisturizer generously. Toners also provide a soft shine to your skin, which helps your skin to shine more. Using it again can be very beneficial for all.


The right moisturizer is essential, not an alternative. This assists in keeping your skin hydrated and soft. It even helps deliver a precise base so that you can apply the correct makeup. A moisturizer allows your skin to be elastic and even works on wrinkles. There are so many moisturisers that you can buy but make sure that you are getting the non-sticky one. You must step out of the door by wearing a moisturizer.

Set of Makeup Kit


It is a base that aids even out your skin’s texture and makes a flawless base before you start applying makeup on it. Select a foundation nearest to your skin type, so that it does not appear unnatural or spotted. Try selecting a fluid foundation because it combines nicely and does not provide a cakey look! Also, you must use less foundation on the face. Just go with the few drops on your face, and using the beauty blender let the foundation absorb to your skin. Make sure that you are using it evenly and it should appear smooth.


It is a must, to select what you want, and be fantastic. However rare staple shades in the makeup kit can be one of the best collections. Choosing a cherry red or a bold red is amazing because these colors suit perfectly with the clothes. Glossy-tinted lipstick, light pink, pink lipsticks, and matte red lipstick are other great options to choose. At times you can even apply lipstick as an eyeshadow or blush because it gives perfect texture.


Always a fabulous thought because a slight shimmer doesn’t hurt anyone! There are both types of fluid and powder highlighters. We propose the liquid ones. The reason is that they are very easy to apply and a little highlighter is enough. You must choose the highlighter according to your needs. There are different shades, so must choose the best one from LookFantastic.


If you like to have a look of sunkissed appearance and want depth for the skin then going with the bronzer can be a great option. Always choose 2 shades darker and not more. Using it on the high points can be the best part to give a brighter look.

Makeup Setting Spray

It is a must thing that you should include in your makeup kit. No makeup look is complete without this spray as it helps to give a finished look. If you want the matter finished then once you are done with the makeup just spray it on your face. Make sure that you are getting the best product for yourself.


An essential makeup kit is consistently a wonderful expansion to your kitty because it not only helps you get a fabulous look but also enhances your confidence. But remember that you should not depend on makeup just because it makes you look prettier. You are already beautiful

Makeup is something that improves your appearance. But still, if you want to use makeup make sure that you are getting the best quality that doesn’t affect your skin. For this, I suggest you shop from LookFantastic

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