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When it comes to packing footwear, especially for vacation, it is one of the most daunting tasks. Deciding the shoes of what to take and how many to take is the very first question that occurs in the mind of all of us, travel shoes. When I went to London last year, it was very difficult for me to select shoes. Because there are so many difficulties, especially when it comes to foot health issues such as swelling or bunions which are challenging. Then I came across this amazing platform that is Pavers where you can get the best footwear for yourself.

Don’t be afraid because I’m here to help you no matter where you’re going. You can select the best pieces of shoes from Pavers that you can carry along with you on your vacation. I’m going to provide you with the best types of shoes along with the packing tip so that you can get covered by all the important things.

So are you ready to select the best pieces from Pavers because they sell amazing shoes and can make your journey fabulous?

Destiny Comfort

Just picture yourself that you’re at a beach, and the sun is shining, but your feet are warm and you need the best foot there. But which is the most comfortable footwear that you can wear? That is the question. But with Pavers, you can select the most suitable. Footwear so that you can feel comfort during your journey.

  • Comfortable Sandals: During the summer, sandals are best. Sandals make your journey easy and you can get the best partners for your swollen feet. So whenever you’re going on any journey, the sandals from Pavers should be present on your back so that you can get comfort.
  • Walking Sandals: For those who are willing on the beach side and are exploding the local towns are just strolling around. Can go with these lightweight and breathable sandals.
  • Water Shoes: if you are going to plant frolicking in the waters or need to explore the shoes or rocky shoes, you can get the best water shoes that help you to protect from all the sharp objects and the very hot sand.
  • Flip Flops: It is always not recommended to carry flip flops along with you. They are always handy because of the quick trips to the pool or the beach. So you can pick them up from Pavers
  • Evening Shoes: For those moments like dinners, Comfortable or holiday sandals. You need some of the best selection and for this, you can select the evening shoes that can give you the most comfort and elegance.

Let me tell you one of the best things you can do is select all these collections from Pavers and make your journey smooth and full of comfort.

Summer in City

Over the bustling crowds on the roads, the industry would love. To share some of the shoes that you can wear in summer. They can be your best partners when you explore new places.

  • Summer Trainers: During the summer, trainers are one of the best friends that you can wear while you’re exploring the cities. These are breathable shoes that will make you feel cool throughout your journey.
  • Open-toe flat shoes: These are versatile, stylish, and comfortable pairs of shoes that you can pick from Pavers and wear while going on vacation.  
  • Evening Shoes: You can choose these low-heeled shoes, or open-toe pumps that can help you to distribute the weight of the body evenly. They can help you to put less pressure on the feet and prevent bunions.

Winter in the city

When it comes to the whole breeze, some versatile options can help you to get the best comfort and support during the winter breeze.

  • Walking Shoes: These are similar to hot breaks. You can wear them in any season, and they can keep your feet isolated.
  • Boots: They are another best comfortable shoes from Pavers that can be gone while you are going in cold climates. They can give you the best glance when you veer them on different outfits. They will help to make your feet support and also give a snug and cozy look.
  • Evening Shoes: These are the shows that can be warm on fancy nights. These are wide-width, no fuss that can help you to get a sector left without losing comfort.

Travel Shoes Savvy Packing 

While going on the journey you need to pack the best items so that your bags are not too heavy to carry all around. Here are some tips for you.

  • Limit your pairs: Think about all the activities that you can perform while you’re going to a different city. So this is one of the best roles of thumb that you can select that can help you to select the best pairs of shoes. You can go for spotty shoes, walking shoes, or some formal occasion shoes from Pavers.
  • Stuff shoes: Use the empty spaces that are present in your bag so that you can keep your shoes in them. There are light weighted shoes that will easily fit in those spaces while they hold for travel journeys.
  • Pack in bags: Keep your clothes clean so that you can keep all the pairs of shoes in a plastic bag and combine them with your outfits.
  • Consider packing cubes: The packing cubes will help you to organize and optimize the space.


Here is the complete guide that can help you get the best shoes from Pavers, travel shoes. No matter what your destination is I can say that selecting pairs from Pavers can make your journey worthwhile. So this time when you are going to the best place like the UK just go with the finest collection.

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