Essential Beauty Products for your Vanity Box

You attempt to master the art of applying makeup by watching thousands of tutorials created by hundreds of beauty gurus, essential beauty products. 

The majority of the time, however, no matter how hard you try, your eye shadow does not look as immaculate as it does on social media images of models.

You must recognize that having exceptional items or talents is not sufficient; you also require the proper instruments. Your beauty tools will make all the difference; they will make your job easier and save you a great deal of time and trouble. Look for them at Lookfantastic.

You only need two or three brushes, but they must be of the best quality. To maximize the coverage of your foundation, you must use a foundation brush, such as a stippling brush or a buffing brush.

A packing brush is required to apply eye shadow, followed by a blending brush to ensure that different eye shades do not create harsh lines on the eyelids. Even if the eye shadows are buttery and smooth, you cannot achieve a smokey eye effect without the correct blending brush. To apply compact powder, you will need a large, fluffy brush, whilst blush and bronzer require a slightly smaller, round brush. Depending on how much makeup you apply, the number of brushes you’ll need may vary. Lookfantastic carries the brushes you’ll need.

Before applying mascara, you must curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler. This will enhance the effectiveness of any lengthening or lifting mascara. Employing an eyelash curler before applying mascara ensures that your lashes remain in place throughout the day and maximizes the effectiveness of your mascara. Lookfantastic sells eyelash curlers.

If you’ve ever felt that sponge application is unprofessional, try it once and you’ll change your mind. The usage of makeup sponges for liquid or cream foundation and concealer is quite effective.

Before applying any product, squeeze as much water out of your sponge as possible. Apply foundation to your face and blend it using dabbing and stippling movements with a beauty sponge. It absorbs any extra product and imparts a very natural, air-brushed appearance, making it ideal for novices.

A small, pointed sponge works best for concealer or under the eyes, whilst a larger, round sponge works better for the complete face. You can choose from a variety of sponge shapes and sizes, depending on the region where you want to apply makeup.

Things to Include in Vanity Box

Tools Organizers:

When you invest a substantial amount of money in your cosmetic equipment and supplies, keeping them organized becomes crucial for cleanliness as well as for the convenience of use and aesthetic appeal of your vanity. Everything is required, from cotton pad containers and beauty blender holders to brush cleaning pads and drying racks.


Any exemplary vanity box should include a primer in it. It is essential as it makes your skin seem pretty fluffy and smooth. It also enables your makeup to be extended and helps decrease some of your skin imperfections.


It is the bottom of your makeup. You ought to ensure that the foundation you have competes with your skin style and coloring, as it can create it either cause your skin to glimpse patchy or provoke skin concerns. Also, if you do not include a concealer in your vanity trunk, a foundation in trouble can serve as a replica.


Your vanity box ideally must include a concealer, as it is the development that truly allows you to conceal your imperfections. You can conceal your acne blemishes or dark rings with it, or occasionally even illuminate up some measurements to show you a more luminous look.


This is one effect that is simply not a millennial thing despite having been employed by women and at moments men, for eras now. Kajal helps you to emphasize your eyes and explains them too, essential beauty products. The essential element about it is that kajal currently comes in several shades, and some of them even allow you to describe your looks the way you desire them.


They are a nail to any vanity package you will reach through. The most typical is black eyeliner, while you can maintain the one that you desire. Likewise, ensure that the eyeliner is the one you are relaxing in operating as there are numerous kinds nowadays such as liquid, gel, and sketch pen eyeliners.

Eyeshadow Palette

An eyeshadow can consistently add more additional theater to your countenance if that is what you desire to reach for. Eyeshadow arrives in various shades and tint schemes and it is an acceptable thought to stow out a stunning essential eyeshadow palette in your vanity box.


Lipstick is also a lovely common object to set in your vanity box. If you plan to take this container around with you. You can maintain swapping the lip shades you utilize throughout the marriage parts, or you could encounter a coloring that could be applied. 


A highlighter may not be a nail in all vanity containers, but it should be. A highlighter counts a piece of a glimmer to your skin and even emphasizes the high moments of your face, causing it to become slimmer.

Setting Powder

It is a stunning thing in your box. It creates infallibility that all the cosmetics you have accomplished stay closed in. Likewise, you never understand that the powder can be very helpful. 


These are some of the items that you can keep in your variety box, essential beauty products. All these items are essential and you can purchase them from LookFantastic as we get you the best quality. 

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