Designing Brand Identity: A Step-by-Step Guide to Create a Logo

Have you ever noticed an immense trademark without a logo? No? Have you ever thought about why? The reason that logos are always present on the brand is because they are an essential thing that draws attention from all the customers so that it is visible from far away and they can get to know what company is there. A logo has an essential consequence on how your clients will smell your brand identity. So inherently, you desire your logo to be memorable. But the query is how to get there. 

Don’t worry! This convenient guide will instruct you on everything you ought to comprehend to create a flawless logo for you and your company with the help of Envato Placeit. From conveying your brand’s individualism and comprehending what drives a distinguished logo, to completing the right configuration preferences and guiding the design procedure, you just need to follow the guide. 

You can get the template of multiple banners for the logo and then you can customize them and make it according to you with the help of Envato Placeit. It is a great brand that can help you select the pieces of templates to alter them and make the changes accordingly. 

Now you must be waiting for the steps to create the logo. Don’t worry we are coming to that. Here are the steps on how you can create a logo from Envato Placeit. 

Steps to Make a Logo – Brand Identity

Comprehend why you require a logo

The company truly is like courtship—you’re attempting to lure the right clients and make them tumble head over heels in adoration with your brand. So you need to consider your logo as the illustration on your dating silhouette. So that when you are selecting a template from Envato Placeit. You can ensure that it will attract all the clients. It’s what’s going to make individuals take an inquisitiveness and endeavor to understand more near you. So you desire to scrutinize your most promising style of the logo, right?

Your logo will hold a high consequence on the foremost appearance your interaction is going to create: It will offer your consumers knowledge about your brand and allow them to understand if it’s proper for them.

Define your brand identity

You enjoy your logo to convey your brand’s character. To do that, you ought to comprehend what your brand’s heart symbol is. Once you have a straightforward view of what drives you amazing and what your label is all concerned with, it will be vastly easier for you to complete procedure choices that complete and conduct that image.

Here are some queries you can question yourself, to convey the base of your brand essence:

  • Why did we commence this company?
  • What are the values and beliefs that are essential to us as a corporation?
  • What do we accomplish more satisfactorily than anyone else?
  • What makes us extraordinary?
  • If we could represent our label in three observations, what would it be?
  • What are the three important words we would desire our clients to utilize to characterize us?

Find motivation for your design

The most difficult part of the arrangement technique can be the search for logo motivation. Luckily we’ve brought some recommendations for you that will make it manageable so that you can choose the best template from Envato Placeit. 

  • Track the regulations of the brainstorm
  • Assume your traffic
  • Obtain everyone implicated

Inspect the competition

The most suitable location to borrow conceptions? Your contest! Review what’s already off there, what performs agreeably with your audience, and what all things you need to avoid. While hunting those other companies, think about what drives them further from you and how you can accentuate these discrepancies in your logo creation.

Be certain to set yourself up regardless of your competition. If all the different corporations in your enterprise are going monochromatic, maybe you should choose some shades to stand out. You can have unlimited options on Envato Placeit for your business logo so that it can be attractive enough to drive a bunch of traffic. 

Pick your design style

Now that you keep a precise thought of your trademark and are feeling motivated, it’s time to begin cracking that into the procedure. There are a bunch of distinct components that come into recreation here, from tints, figures, and illustrations to typography. Separating each element and what it can accomplish for your logo will assist you in taking items step by step, instead of acquiring overcome with the entire structure all at once.

Find the correct style of logo

In addition to the across-the-board style, there are 7 primary kinds of logos you can select from when you are constructing your symbol. You can choose the one that conforms to your organization’s name or overall aesthetic most suitable, or integrate them to design something amazing.

  • Letter marks
  • Wordmarks
  • Pictorial marks
  • Abstract logo marks
  • Mascots
  • Combination mark
  • Emblem

Pay awareness to color

Shades can keep a ton of distinguishable substances. The psychology after bloom is complicated, but to hold it straightforward, hues have certain feelings and conceptions connected to them. To remember more about dye theory be sure to inspect this in-depth handbook on logo blooms and their purposes. There is a vast collection of color combinations that you can choose from Envato Placeit. 

  • Complementary colors
  • Analogous colors
  • Triadic colors 

What makes the right logo?

A fantastic logo also requires you to perform at any altitude and anywhere you enjoy utilizing your logo.

An exemplary logo:

  • is special and distinct
  • is outstanding
  • professions at any measure and anywhere
  • mirrors your brand essence
  • is timeless


These are some points that you have to remember so that you can pick the best logo design from Envato Placeit. It is one of the most amazing brand identity that can help you get a professional design for your business logo

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